Donald Trump: ‘Fully Support and back Up the Second Amendment’

AP Photo/Randall Hill
AP Photo/Randall Hill

On June 16 Donald Trump officially announced his run for president and in so doing reminded those attending the announcement that we must “fully support and back up the Second Amendment.”

He brought up the Second Amendment in reference to the recent prison break from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility, citing how people in upper state New York are arming themselves for self-defense and treasuring the Second Amendment with the escapees still on the loose.

TIME published a text of Trump’s comments:

Fully support and back up the Second Amendment.

Now, it’s very interesting. Today I heard it. Through stupidity, in a very, very hard core prison, interestingly named Clinton, two vicious murderers, two vicious people escaped, and nobody knows where they are. And a woman was on television this morning, and she said, “You know, Mr. Trump,” and she was telling other people, and I actually called her, and she said, “You know, Mr. Trump, I always was against guns. I didn’t want guns. And now since this happened”— it’s up in the prison area— “my husband and I are finally in agreement, because he wanted the guns. We now have a gun on every table. We’re ready to start shooting.”

Trump said he found her comments “very interesting,” and added that the lesson is clear–“Protect the Second Amendment.”

On April 11 Breitbart News spoke with Trump, and he told us then, “It is so important that we maintain the Second Amendment and that we maintain it strongly. And one of the main reasons is because the good people, the upstanding people, follow laws and norms, but the bad ones don’t.”

He explained that gun control laws do not impact criminals, because criminals “couldn’t care less.”

He then stressed, “It is absolutely imperative that we maintain the Second Amendment in its strongest form.”

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