Ralston: Hillary Was Uneasy Talking About TPA, ‘Trying to Massage’ TPP History

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Ed Show,” PBS’ “Ralston Live” host Jon Ralston said that Hillary Clinton was caught off guard and uneasy after being asked for her position on TPA in an interview she did with him.

When asked if he thought Clinton was “uneasy” when asked about TPA, Ralston said, “I thought body language and her answer showed exactly that. Ed, you rarely can catch Hillary Clinton off guard. She is a very difficult person to interview. But if you watched her body language and how she answered that last question, that came after a fairly lengthy discussion of trade and TPP and TPA, she paused. She did not expect me to ask what she would have done because now there’s a vote coming up in the Senate. So, she essentially all but took a position she did not want to take.”

He continued, “Before that Ed, she did exactly what you described earlier, in that she essentially dodged the whole question of TPP. She wants to essentially be able to say to her Democratic constituencies that she needs running for president, ‘I’m with you. I’m against this.’ But she has a record as secretary of state of making many comments in favor of TPP, which she is now trying to massage.”

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