Piers Morgan on Charleston: Stop with the ‘More Guns, Less Crime Bullsh*t’

Piers Morgan gun Control Book

On June 18, Mail Online editor Piers Morgan reacted to the heinous attack on Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church by calling for people to quit pointing out that more guns equals less crime.

Morgan pointedly asked his readers to stop with the “more guns, less crime bullsh*t.”

He lamented the fact that Walmart sells rifles, that children can shoot machine guns at some gun ranges with adult supervision, and that “gun sales will spike in Carolina over the next few weeks.” He described America’s “gun culture” as “disgusting,” said it is time to change the Second Amendment, and criticized the growing violence in certain of America’s large cities. He did not mention that three of the cities prominent on this crime list–Chicago, New York, and Baltimore–are also heavily gun controlled metropolitan areas where restrictions have correlated with more violence, not less, as people react to the heinous attacks by arming themselves for self-defense.

Regarding self-defense, Morgan mocked the NRA by tweeting: “NRA logic: if only every young person in that bible study class had been armed with a gun too, it wouldn’t have happened.” He did not mention the fact that mass shootings in the United States almost always take place in gun free zones—places where law-abiding citizens are defenseless, but criminals are armed.

He also used one tweet to blame the gun, rather than Charleston shooter Dylann Roof, by claiming there would have been no attack if there had been no gun. On this same theme, he said he is sick “of idiot celebrities like Vince Vaughan” defending gun rights and “informing us that ‘banning guns is like banning forks to stop making people fat.'”

But it’s America’s gun culture that is disgusting?

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