Marco Rubio Gets Heckled Again in D.C.

AP Photo/Molly Riley
AP Photo/Molly Riley

Would you believe that Sen. Marco Rubio was heckled by pro-amnesty for illegal alien supporters?

He was. The scene of the crime was the Faith & Freedom Coalition event in Washington D.C.

Rubio paused his speech as the activists talked about deferred action, the Obama program that has protected some young immigrants from deportation. He then made a reference to how in Cuba such free speech would not be allowed, though staff at the Faith & Freedom Coalition ushered the activists out (as the crowd booed the demonstrators). A man blocked reporters from leaving the room, then relented but said reporters wouldn’t be able to get back in.

Rubio was quick to point out the obvious to the attendees (because he continues to get heckled by pro-amnesty activists, I think he has a stump speech to solely address hecklers): “If you did that in another country, you would be in jail tonight… In America, people have a right to interrupt speeches, they have a right to be rude, they have a right to be wrong. We live in a free society.”

I don’t get it. I understand these amigo-activist’s disagreement with Rubio’s position against President Obama’s DACA executive amnesty orders, but don’t they understand that Rubio, who relates to them in so many ways, is probably their greatest voice for their cause?

While Rubio has stepped back from his support for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, the pro-amnesty lobby needs to understand that Rubio, who seems to be somewhat sympathetic to their efforts and is willing to hear both sides of the immigration reform argument, stands to be their greatest asset if he becomes president in 2016.


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