Former Tech CEO and GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina Shares Plan to Strengthen Cybersecurity

AP Photo/Matt York
AP Photo/Matt York

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is extremely familiar with the tech industry as the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. So she is speaking out about what she thinks America must do in order to prevent another cybersecurity hack.

She spoke to Bloomberg following the news broke that China hacked personal information of millions of federal government employees, where she said the breach is another example of government incompetence.

Fiorina says cybersecurity must be a central part of Homeland Security strategies.

“Her experience, however, is indisputable. She served on civilian advisory boards for the CIA and National Security Agency. She was also instrumental in securing a literal truck-load of servers for the NSA in the weeks after 9/11,” reported Bloomberg, crediting National Review.

“So what would be her first concrete policy suggestion for preventing another hack? Centralize the government’s cybersecurity operation and put it in the Department of Defense or the Office of the Director of National Intelligence,” Bloomberg reported.

“You have to have a consolidated command that has the accountability, the responsibility, for protecting the security of all government systems and databases,” Fiorina explained. “You can’t have this piece-mealed throughout government.”

Bloomberg reported, “Her background as a technology executive also makes talking about cybersecurity an opportunity for her to distinguish herself in the crowded field.”


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