Trump to Maryland GOP on Baltimore Riots: City Needs ‘Spirit’ and ‘Jobs’


GOP presidential candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump spoke to a record crowd of 700 people at Maryland GOP’s 25th annual Red, White and Blue dinner Tuesday night.

This is the same day that a recent Suffolk University Poll revealed Trump is in second place amongst New Hampshire voters among the 2016 GOP field.

While being near Baltimore, Maryland, Trump spoke about the recent protests in Baltimore, linking it to the lack of jobs and poor economy.

“Baltimore, we need the spirit. We need the jobs. We have to take the jobs back from China. We have to take jobs back from Mexico. We have to build plants in our country,” Trump stated.

Trump talked about the economy, his fair trade and free market ideals, as well as the need for small government. He touted that it is time to rid Washington of political dynasties such as the Bush family, taking a jab at fellow GOP candidate former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

“The last thing we need is another Bush,” Trump stated.

Trump also discussed the need to protect the southern border and strengthen the military and care of veterans.

“Our politicians have failed us. They are controlled by special interests, lobbyists, and donors and they do not have the best interests of the country at heart. It’s time to bring common sense solutions to Washington and a mindset of proven success,” Trump said. “It’s time to Make America Great Again.”

A recent Citizens United poll has Trump in fourth place out of all GOP presidential candidates with 13 percent support.

Trump will head to Iowa on Saturday.


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