Is this New ‘Constitutional Right’ Really Just a ‘Right to Trample’ Religious Liberty?

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So now same-sex couples have the same legal rights under the law as straight couples.

As we watch the frenzy of giddy gays getting married in the next few weeks and months with their newly minted “Constitutional Right”, I can’t help but wonder if after the champagne-induced joy wears off, there might be some regrets.

OK. Let’s review. Before this decision, if you were gay, you were free to marry or not depending on the state in which you lived. Now, a reluctant-to-commit gay person no longer can use legality as an excuse. Instead of living your lives free from government infringement, you’ve just invited the government into your bedroom, and your relationship.

Who wants that? I guess the people who previously wanted government to butt out, want them to butt back in.

Now, if you split up, instead of simply going your separate ways with whatever you brought to the relationship, now you have to go to the government to get out of the tangled web you were so anxious to get into. Instead of Splitsville, now splitting up has a legal term. And major legal consequences. It’s called “divorce”, and the prize is you get to give half your assets to the person you no longer want anything to do with.

I think more than anything else, today’s decision proves that misery loves company. With straight divorce rates skyrocketing, the only logical explanation is that gay Americans are just like everyone else. They want to be accepted and liked by others. As long as they get to be part of the crowd, they don’t mind that the crowd are lemmings about to go over the cliff.

Seriously though, who wants more government in their lives?

That’s the question that I can’t figure out.  Instead of simply working things out, now the government is going to be there every step of your marriage, acting as referee. For a price. Yes, you’ll get legal standing when it comes to contracts, and the same medical and retirement benefits as straight couples, but most big companies and government entities–who are the only ones who can afford to pay out pensions anyway–have already made that change on their own.

The real question is: What did you really gain that you hadn’t already gained by the unrelenting campaign through the media and the culture?

And what do we all stand to lose?

The fringe benefits of “marriage” may not outweigh the loss of freedom by willingly inviting the government deeper into your life. I never understood straight people trying to get government to define what has always been a sacred covenant of the church, but they did, and I don’t understand gay people giving government more control over their lives for no discernible reason. After all, government got involved in marriage initially in order to tax it, and control who married whom. That made sense to keep you from marrying your cousin, but with the advent of the internet, you can probably figure that out. Later, the government sought to prevent interracial marriage.  That’s really offensive–that the government would have prevented me from marrying my wife. So, why with this storied history of institutionalized government racism, would anyone gay or straight want to give the same government even more control over their personal lives.

If the decision ended at equal rights under the law–I don’t think most Americans would have an issue with this decision.

But it never ends there. The same US Supreme Court–which yesterday usurped the role of Congress as the makers of law, by amending ObamaCare–has today usurped the role of the church. By creating a “Constitutional Right” for members of the same sex to marry, the government will not be able to resist the urge to infringe on the Natural Rights of all Americans. Religious liberty has never been such an endangered species. Your freedom to practice your faith could literally be in the crosshairs if this court continues it’s activist bent.

The once-revered Supreme Court has now become just another department of government, a strong arm to enforce the ideology of this administration. It has lost all judicial impartiality, and ceased to be simply an umpire, but now has joined the game as a player on the field. So much for the separation of powers.

The First Amendment, which has always protected our right to practice our religion without interference from the government, will likely be the next victim of this court. In order for government to grant a new “Constitutional Right”, it must take away and diminish the Natural Rights–the inalienable ones, liberty in particular–which government was formed to protect.

If you don’t believe that the government will cross over the threshold of your church door–you don’t need to remember the Alamo–you need to remember the militant gay leftist mayor of Houston, who last year demanded that every pastor deliver their sermons to her in advance so that she could censor them. That’s how much regard the left has for your religious liberty and free speech rights.

It is only a matter of time before this decision will be used by the militant gay left to trample on the religious freedom of those who do not agree with this decision, and they will seek to infringe their right to worship and believe and think as they see fit. This decision will be used to pry open and breach the doors of the church–and government will  enforce this new “Constitutional Right” by forcing every pastor to marry same-sex couples in violation of their own beliefs.

Mark my words. It is only a matter of time. Progress can be painful. And if we have to deprive the rights of some in order to create new rights for others, so be it. That’s progress. That is how the media will portray the death of Religious Liberty in this country.

Marxist Progressives will cheer as we grow government one new “right” at a time!

And anyone who resists will be labeled a hater, a marriage denier, and all sorts of other hateful names, but in the end, government will force compliance with a newly-formed army known as the LGBT Civil Rights Division of the Dept. of Justice and Religious Freedom will be a footnote in the history of the nation founded on it.

Former California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is the host of the Tim Donnelly Show.  Email him at


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