Alabama Store Making Their Own Confederate Flags After Supplier Caves to Race Baiters

Sarah Cole/ via AP
Sarah Cole/ via AP

On June 26, Alabama Flag & Banner began making Confederate flags in-house, after “a manufacturer decided to no longer supply Confederate flags to [the] business.”

Flag and Banner is located in Huntsville, Alabama.

Once the manufacturer balked, store owner Belinda Kennedy decided she and her employees would have to step up and make the flags because customers wanted them. They began making them Friday morning and by “3:45 pm” that same day, they “reported over 1,000 sales, with orders continuously rolling in, both online and in-store.”

According to, Kennedy said, “I feel like my responsibility to my customers is to fulfill their needs when they want it, and I had customers wanting it and I wasn’t going to turn them away as I felt like I had been turned away.”

Regarding all the attention the flag has drawn in the aftermath of the heinous attack in Charleston, South Carolina, Kennedy added: “It’s simply a historic flag. It’s not hate, it’s history… and the people that are making it a racial issue are pushing an agenda.”

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