Chipotle Honors Gays with ‘¿Homo Estás?’ Burritos


Fast food Mexican restaurant Chipotle distributed “Which way do you sway?” coupons to capitalize on the recent decision by the Supreme Court to uphold gay-marriage in all fifty states.

The coupons are printed with the phrase “¿Homo estás?” above a photo of a burrito asking consumers to check off their desired item.

Below the burrito the words read, “Which way do you sway?” with arrows pointing to two buttons. One says “I eat tacos” and the other says “I eat burritos.”

The company targets customers using social media tweeting the   “¿Homo estás?” phrase and putting it on t-shirts and other promotional materials, reported SFGate.

Many praise Chipotle’s show of support for gay marriage, yet others charge that the company is exploiting gay themes to sell more burritos and tacos.

Chris Arnold, a company representative, told Business Insider that Chipotle has used “¿Homo estás?” in support of Pride events for several years “and it has always been very well received in the LGBT community. If there are some who find it insensitive, we certainly apologize for that.”


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