5 Businesses That Rejected Moms Demand Action’s Gun Ban Campaign

Following news that Greensboro, North Carolina-based The Fresh Market caved to Moms Demand Action and will no longer serve armed law-abiding citizens, Breitbart News thought it timely to provide a list of businesses that refuse submit to the campaign to disarm law-abiding citizens.


The Nuclear Option: Madam Clinton of the People, We Do Not Deserve Her!

Madam Candidate of the People was in her magical mystery conversion van, flying over the cornfields of Iowa this week taking enemy fire. This required evasive maneuvers that launched her coterie of handmaidens, purse-holders and security guards all around the plush leather cabin of the magical, age-reversing van.


CNN’s King: Hillary Is No Bill, Didn’t Talk to Anyone at Chipotle

Monday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” chief national correspondent John King said despite any message redo, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is no Bill, because when she went to Chipotle, she spoke to none of the average Americans she is