Chafee: Clinton Emails, Foundation ‘Ethical Issues’ ‘Absolutely’ Make Her Vulnerable

Democratic presidential candidate and former Rhode Island Governor and Senator Lincoln Chafee stated that Hillary Clinton is “absolutely” vulnerable due to “all the ethical issues” surround her email and the Clinton Foundation in an interview broadcast on Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

When he asked if he thought Clinton was vulnerable, Chafee answered, (relevant remarks begin around 1:09) “Absolutely, it’s a combination of the vote for the war, hawkish tenure as secretary of state. And then all the ethical issues, emails that she told the committee that she gave over her emails to the State Department, it’s not turning out to be accurate, then the ethical issues on the Clinton Foundation and the emails. It’s a succession of — certainly the polls show the trust issue is a problem for her.”

Earlier, Chafee argued Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War disqualified her from being the Democratic nominee, “because frankly, I think as a party we should be making this quagmire, this endless debacle, the chaos that’s over there, a Republican mistake.”

He also said, “Well, we’ve seen in history, sometimes these inevitable candidacies don’t turn out that way. And let the people decide. It’s a good thing about a democracy.”

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