Americans for Limited Government: Congress Should Defund Key EPA and Dept. of Interior “Egregious Abuses”

A bulldozer works a coal mound at the Appalachian Electric Power coal-fired Big Sandy Power Plant June 3, 2014 in Cattletsburg, Kentucky. New regulations on carbon emissions proposed by the Obama administration have reportedly angered politicians on both sides of the aisle in energy-producing states such as Kentucky and West …
Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is urging the House of Representatives to use its power of the purse strings to defund what he calls “numerous egregious abuses” occurring at the EPA and within the Department of Interior.

Manning wants the cuts made from the “upcoming Interior appropriations bill that have been stifling energy and extraction industries.”

“The upcoming Interior appropriations bill provides an opportunity for the House to defund key EPA and other Interior actions that have had a stranglehold on our economy,” Manning stated.

Manning urges Congress to deny funding for three regulations: (1) the carbon endangerment finding, (2) the new and existing power plant rules and (3) any other man-made-global-warming-hysteria-inspired regulation.

“The agency’s general counsel’s office could be cut by 30 percent. The Interior Department’s contemplated expansion of the Northern Spotted Owl’s protected habitat should also be halted. These are but a few examples of how Congress’ power of the purse can be used to stop the EPA’s assault on our economy,” Manning concluded.


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