EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Ben Carson’s Wife Candy Carson Encourages Voting, ‘Next Election Is Critical for Our Nation’

Mark Theiler/Reuters
Mark Theiler/Reuters

In her first interview since her husband, Dr. Ben Carson, announced he is running for president, Candy Carson talked to Breitbart News exclusively about their wedding anniversary, family, and faith, but she also stressed how critical it is for Americans to get out there and vote as well as educate themselves on the issues to hold their Congressmen accountable.

“It’s important for people to understand what a privilege and honor and duty it is to vote – and vote intelligently,” Mrs. Carson told Breitbart News. “This next election is a critical one for our nation.”

She stressed that it is important for everyone to find out who their representatives are and how they actually voted – not how they say they voted  but how they actually voted on a particular issue.

“That’s really important, because if these people are voting – your representatives are voting to increase the debt – they’re voting against your grandchildren.”

Mrs. Carson said the rising debt was one of the reasons her husband and family decided to take on the trials and tribulations of a presidential campaign.

“Historically, every other generation has made it better for the next one, and this particular generation is making it worse for the next one,” she told Breitbart News. She added that the $18 trillion dollar debt facing America is a huge problem for future generations, and that to attempt to pay it off at the rate of roughly $10 million dollars each day would take at least five thousand years alone to pay it all off, which she said is morally wrong and not fair to leave that burden to future generations.

“Each person can be an informed voter,” she said. “Our particular type of government is suited only for a well informed and well educated populous, and we need to reeducate ourselves to know how these people really feel about these issues, so that they’re really representing us and they’re not voting according to the lobbyists that help them get reelected.”


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