Chris Hayes: Walker Running as ‘Right Wing of the Possible’

MSNBC’s “All In” host Chris Hayes said that Scott Walker is running as “the right wing of the possible” on Monday.

Hayes said, “Walker’s argument today in his announcement speech, and I think one of the arguments he’s going to make, is basically, ‘I’m the right wing of the possible,’ right? I mean, I am the most conservative person in this race, who also has proven that I can implement this vision, I can go after unions, I can go after voter ID and get that done, I can slash the budget, I can cut funding at universities, I can take on all the left’s sacred cows, and I can live to tell about it and I can actually implement it. And I got to say, if I were a conservative Republican primary voter, that would be a very attractive message, that he is essentially the right wing of the possible.”

Former RNC Chairman and MSNBC Political Analyst Michael Steel agreed, adding “I think that from the perspective of the question, you know, we want to nominate the most conservative who can win, Scott Walker, today tried to fill in that question mark with his answer, being him.”

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