Leftist Agitator and Muslim Propagandist: Wipe Out the Confederacy Now

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Leftist agitator and Muslim propagandist Musa al-Gharbi is calling progressives to strike while the iron is hot, re-appropriating, abolishing, or otherwise re-identifying Confederate monuments, street names, and public schools while the anti-Confederate flag momentum still holds sway.

He currently has a column in Salon magazine in which he tries to show that the Civil War was over slavery, period—regardless of other “issues” like taxes, tariffs, “representation in the Congress, and the extent of federal sovereignty.” Undaunted by the fact that this is like saying the fire was caused by kindling, regardless of other issues like matches, crumbled up newspapers, and gasoline, al-Gharbi goes from positing the causes of the Civil War, to accepting the causes he posited, to equating the southern attachment to the Confederate flag and Confederate figures with a “double standard” on “oppression” that needs to be wiped out.

Al-Gharbi suggests history has been written to be kind to the Confederate memory and that writing history this way enabled the once vanquished Confederate flag to re-emerge in American society.

He wrote:

Most Confederate monuments were established after the Civil War—not during or before. The Confederate Battle Standard, for instance, did not gain prominence in the South until it was adopted by the Ku Klux Klan, and later, by segregationists (incidentally, segregation and Jim Crow were held up by Southerners as “states rights” in much the same way as slavery).

Note that al-Gharbi’s suggestion that evils were omitted from southern history to make it more palatable does itself omit the fact that segregation and Jim Crow were Democrat policies and the Ku Klux Klan was a Democrat-dominated group created to frighten blacks out of voting Republican.

Al-Gharbi also has criticism for the United States. For example, in November 2014, while serving as a “Muslim instructor” at the University of Arizona (UA), he wrote an opinion piece claiming US armed forces are comprised of “white supremacists, neo-Nazi and other hate groups.” According to the Arizona Daily Star, he also suggested “America is a bigger threat to world peace than terrorists who carry out public beheadings.”

UA spokesman Chris Sirgurdson defended al-Gharbi’s First Amendment right to express his opinion. Sirgurdson sent a letter to a number of people who had complained, saying:

The ideas expressed in Mr. al-Gharbi’s opinion piece have offended and distressed many in the University of Arizona community and beyond. However, we also acknowledge his First Amendment right that allows him to publish his thoughts as a private citizen.

Breitbart News spoke to columnist and anti-jihad warrior Pamela Geller about al-Gharbi’s current and past criticisms of America. This is what she said:

Musa al-Gharbi and others like him skillfully appropriate the left’s language and agenda to reinforce for American leftists their anti-Americanism and aiding and abetting of America’s enemies. While blaming America for the rise of ISIS, Islamic supremacists like Musa say nothing about the Islamic justifications for ISIS’ behavior. While decrying America’s “racism,” he ignores the monstrous persistence of slavery in Muslim countries, such as Mauritania, where 20% of the black population is enslaved by Muslims.

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