Obama Agrees to Massive Stimulus Plan… for Iran


On Tuesday, President Obama signed an agreement that equates to a $1,300 impact on every family in America — one of the largest stimulus packages in history.

The only problem is that this money is not going to help put food on the table of struggling Americans. In fact, quite the opposite. This money is the $150 billion signing bonus that the Obama administration is giving Iran as part of the nuclear deal. And what is worse, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said on Wednesday’s Situation Room on CNN, “We should expect” that some of the money Iran gets as a part of the nuclear deal “would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for the kinds of bad behavior that we have seen in the region.”

So let me get this straight. Obama’s economic and foreign policy is the following:

  1. Tax the wealthy so he can give to the poor — so everything is more “fair”
  2. But then, not really give a large portion of that money to the poor, but instead give a gift almost equal to their annual GDP to the largest financier of terrorism in the world who exclaims death to American and promises to destroy Israel
  3. Finally, Obama then sends the young men and women of these families (many of which are very poor and could have really benefited from that money) over to the Middle East to fight a war for which he has publicly stated he has no “strategy,” against an enemy he will not even name, with a significantly reduced military budget.

Does this guy have any clue what he is doing? It is no wonder today Americans from both sides of the political spectrum, rich and poor, old and young blasted this ludicrous policy. As Senator Ted Cruz stated on The Kelly File Wednesday, the Iran “Jihadist Stimulus Bill,” will wake the US the “Leading Financier of Terrorism Against America.”

Senator Cruz’ comments highlight the level of concern Americans have with the current direction of the country. America doesn’t just want change. American wants Oblimination – the complete reversal of President Obama’s failed policies.


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