Number of U.S. Children Living in Poverty Spikes


A new study released Tuesday reveals that the poverty rates among American children have risen under the Obama Administration, especially African-American, American Indian, and Latino children.

The study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation showed poverty rates among all children have grown since 2008, when the rate was 18%; the rate increased to 22% by 2013. The report indicated particularly bleak news for African-American, American Indian, and Latino children, stating, “On nearly all of the measures that [it] track[s], African-American, American Indian and Latino children continued to experience negative outcomes at rates that were higher than the national average.”

The study admitted, “During the last three months of 2014, the unemployment rate for whites and Asian Americans was roughly 4.5 percent, compared with a devastating 11 percent for African Americans and 6.7 percent for Latinos.”

Almost 40% of African-American children live in poverty.

In 2013, according to the report, 31% of children lived in families where no parent had full-time, year-round employment. In 2000, 9% of children lived in census tracts where the total population’s poverty rate rose to at least 30%. From 2009 to 2013, that figure rose to 14%.

USA Today pointed out that the study claimed 18.7 million children lived in low-income households in 2013.


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