Donald Trump: I’m so Rich I Can’t Be Bought

The Associated Press
AP Photo/Jim Cole

Donald Trump pivots to a message position himself against cronyism–that the DC establishment and its lobbyists can’t tempt him with money.

From Politico:

Donald Trump has a new campaign talking point: He’s so rich that he can’t be bought, unlike those other candidates.

Trump, the billionaire businessman and 2016 Republican presidential contender, has begun lacing his speeches and public statements with jabs at lobbyists and special interests — like this tweet from Tuesday afternoon:

Earlier in the day, he also used the line to bash Florida’s former Gov. Jeb Bush for holding a posh fundraising event in the Hamptons. Trump said the attendees at the fundraiser were “the donors and the lobbyists and those with — the special interest people” who, he suggested, control Bush.

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