Talking To Trump: Refreshing Like Reagan And Palin

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Meet With Potential Iowa Voters
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When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, the typical attacks came flying in from the left as well as from establishment hacks. They called Mr. Trump a clown. They tried to marginalize his run by painting him and his efforts as fraudulent.

The very same people who found nothing odd about a community organizer with no experience seeking the White House found plenty wrong with one of the world’s most successful businessmen doing the same. Trump was blasted by people who’ve never met him. People that know very little about the man felt they could still make huge judgments about his sincerity, viability, and character. It’s no wonder Trump has admiration for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. They’ve been through some very similar assaults that few others can say they’ve experience first hand.

Coverage of Trump has been shoddy and unfair. His every word is parsed with vitriol while the whole story is rarely told. When it comes to his verbal sparing with John McCain, Rick Perry, Lindsay Graham and others, reporters jump on Trump’s comments, casting him as a bully but fail to report the negative remarks made by the other men. It’s like an old wrestling match. The bad guy hits the good guy with a chair while the referee isn’t looking. Then the ref turns around just in time to the see the good guy retaliate, leading to his disqualification. Also like wrestling, this Trump coverage, or lack thereof is calculated, scripted, and planned.

The bad news for the media bullies is that Trump hasn’t backed down. Unlike your run of the mill, milquetoast politician he isn’t apologizing on demand. He isn’t listening to writers, pundits, or party bosses. He’s speaking from the heart and letting the voters decide. It’s unfiltered — and according to polls it’s extremely well received.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Trump for The Palin Update on Mama Grizzly Radio. I quickly found out: he is nothing like the person the media would like you to believe he is. Trump was engaging, friendly, and honest. He didn’t ask for any of the questions I would be asking beforehand. Trump was likeable and credible. Palin-like you could say. Perhaps just a bit more raw. While Palin usually kills ’em with kindness, Trump strikes back at his detractors and takes them down.

Trump hammered away at Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and others. He called Perry a “beauty” and said the field of presidential candidates is “weak and ineffective to a degree that’s almost hard to believe.” Can anyone argue with that? While naysayers call Trump’s approach unpresidential, I found it to be truthful. Straight talk from a man who cares deeply about our country.

While Trump exposed the lie that is “global warming” and stressed the danger of ISIS, he also predicted he would win the Hispanic vote. Confident? Sure. Refreshing? As Palin may put it, You Betcha!

During Sarah Palin’s bus tour of America in 2011, she sat down with Trump for some pizza in New York City. The two hit it off. Patriots from totally different backgrounds, both believing in American exceptionalism. Both wanting to (as Trump’s campaign slogan shouts) “Make America Great Again.”

“One of the reasons I have such respect for Sarah–first of all, she is a great person–and Todd and the whole family–these are great people,” Trump said. “One of the things I admire so much about her is that she took so much nonsense, lies and disgusting lies–she handles it so well. She’s tough, and smart and a great woman.”

Fending off disgusting lies happens to be an art form for Palin. She’s been slammed with hate for years, yet she keeps fighting for the country she loves with a huge smile on her face. Trump now is experiencing that same hate, yet he’s persevering for the good of the nation. Trump, the quintessential American success story, knows what a great land of opportunity the United States can be when big government isn’t running the show.

If elected president, Trump told me he’d pick Palin’s brain for sure, and perhaps consider her for an official position in his administration. “I’d love that,” said Trump. “She really is somebody that knows what’s happening. She’s a special person. She really is a special person.”

The best part of Palin may be her uncanny ability to remain an ordinary American while continuing to do extraordinary things. This is not lost on Trump. “I don’t think she knows how important she is,” Trump said. “And, maybe that’s part of the beauty of Sarah Palin.”

While the GOP establishment types keep dialing up polls and focusing on focus groups, Trump continues to give his take on everything and anything with no holds barred. He’s exposing his opponents’ failures while providing an alternative. This week he picked apart Scott Walker’s gubernatorial record in Wisconsin. Trump’s not scared. He’s not looking for the good favor of politicians that he sees as bought and sold. There is, however, one former vice presidential nominee that he wouldn’t mind on his side. “She’s still got a following that’s unbelievable,” Trump said. “I still have people saying, ‘get Sarah’s support’, no matter where I go.”

One of Palin’s political idols is former President Ronald Reagan. The Donald is a fan of Dutch too.”He had a great way about him,” said Trump. “He had a great sense about him. You looked at him and you said ‘There’s our president.’ He had that whole presidential demeanor. Better than people we have see since certainly.” Again, how can one argue with that?

Reagan infiltrated politics as an outsider. Now it’s Trump in that role.

While categorizing the business media as mostly fair, Trump blasted the political media as “amazingly dishonest.” He also would not back down on what he believes in nor shy away from calling out those who are to blame. “You look at what’s happening with the veterans–the veterans are being treated like third class citizens,” Trump lamented. “It’s horrible what’s going on and John McCain is so involved with the veterans, but nothing happens because they’re politicians ultimately.”

As for the great sham of so-called climate change, Trump nailed it. “The real climate change is going to be nuclear climate change if we’re not smart and tough and very, very careful because that’s a big danger and that’s a real danger,” Trump said. “We have people chopping off heads and (Obama’s) talking about climate change.”

Basically Trump is giving us all a choice. Do you want recycled, teleprompter reliant, weak kneed, poll obsessed, go along to get along professional politicians or do you want an American with a remarkable track record who will not hold back in words or action?

Right now all indications are pointing to Americans yearning for the latter. Despite years of an Obama administration that has crippled America and her people in so many ways, larger than life figures like Trump and Palin are proving there is a path to “Make America Great Again.”

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