Report: Longtime Clinton Aide Turns Over Boxes Of Email

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Philippe Reines, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, has turned 20 boxes of work-related emails, some from a personal account, over to the State Department, Politico is reporting.

The revelation that Reines’ work emails also include those from a personal account adds to on going concerns about Clinton’s use of a private email account and server to conduct official business while Secretary of State. Notably the extent to which other employees at the department were also engaged in the practice.

According to Politico, Reines was one of several officials asked to turn over work-related emails. The news was revealed Wednesday during a court hearing dealing with the Associated Press’ FIOA lawsuit.

State Department top document official John Hackett, who heads Freedom of Information Act requests for the agency, told a federal judge in a court hearing Wednesday that Reines was among several officials asked to turn over any any work-related documents in his possession.

He handed over 20 boxes last night, according to a separate State lawyer present at the hearing. The hearing involved a lawsuit filed by the Associated Press that charges the agency with failing to respond to FOIA requests.

A lawyer for Reines told POLITICO many of the documents won’t likely be classified as federal records but that he was “over-inclusive in providing material to the Department — in hard copy as the regulations call for — so that the Department could decide what to retain and what to return.”

According to Politico’s reporting, Hackett also revealed to the court that the State Department could not provide the agency with all the documents the AP is seeking — including one from Huma Abedin — and is still waiting for other emails from Abedin and former officials Jake Sullivan and Cheryl Mills.

A source familiar with what was produced told POLITICO the bulk of what was turned over were news clips forwarded to staff from an outside vendor, which ran between 125- and 150-pages worth of stories each day. The source said those went to both Reines’ official and personal email accounts, leading to boxes upon boxes.


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