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Clintonworld’s Top 5 Active FBI Investigations

There are enough active investigations of Hillary Clinton and her inner circle to merit a list of the most important ones. In short, just about everyone tied to Hillary Clinton is the subject of a serious investigation. Not all of them were are the beneficiaries of those curious preemptive immunity deals tossed around by FBI leadership, to the consternation of some agents.


Former Hillary Spokesman: I Enjoyed ‘Transactional Journalism’ with All the DC Media

Through the Freedom of Information Act, Gawker of all places, is rooting up documents that confirm what we already know: that the DC Media is nothing more than a branch of the Democrat Party. The serial-liars at the Washington Post have tried to dishonestly hide this bias under a pox-on-all-houses fig leaf of “transctaional journalism,” but the media corruption we’ve seen so far only benefits powerful Democrats.

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State Dept. Finds 17,855 Missing Hillary Clinton Adviser Emails

The State Department now says it has so many documents that are responsive to the initial request that it will need to issue a group of them every 30 days until all 17,855 have been released. State adds that it is unable to even estimate how long the total production will take.

Secretary of State-designate and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) refuses to take questions while waiting for an elevator with her press secretary Philippe Reines at the U.S. Capitol January 7, 2009 in Washington, DC. Senate Democratic leadership said it will work to find a way for Roland Burris to be …

Report: Longtime Clinton Aide Turns Over Boxes Of Email

The revelation that Reines’ work emails also include those from a personal account adds to on going concerns about Clinton’s use of a private email account and server to conduct official business while Secretary of State. Notably the extent to which other employees at the department were also engaged in the practice.

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Attend Iowa Democratic Party Hall Of Fame Awards