Scarborough: Hillary Keeps Lying to Us, Keeps Lying to Reporters

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” while discussing the latest story about the intelligence community inspector general warning that there are potentially hundreds of classified emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server co-host Joe Scarborough said Clinton’s strategy of continuing to lie about the email controversy was “stunning.”

Scarborough said, “We have to go back to the United Nations press conference and you hate to say this she just didn’t tell the truth time and time and time and time again. And when we were watching it, we were cringing. We weren’t cringing for any other reason other than we know her. We like her and you just sit there saying who has sent you out to say things that you know are false and that we know will be revealed the next week or month?”

He continued, “Hillary said there are no classified emails. I don’t know where to begin. And inspector general for the intelligence agency says, yes, there may be hundreds. And this doesn’t even include all the emails she destroyed. She wiped out unilaterally by herself in getting rid of the drive. It’s stunning. ”

Brzezinski chimed in saying, “When you have a brain and you’re told we’ve given you all the emails. Well they haven’t. So why do they keep saying that?”

Scarborough added, “They haven’t. It’s a lie. And they keep lying to you. And they keep lying to reporters. They say you have all the emails. No. They destroyed, what, 35,000? And they won’t turn over the server. Now you know what. Even the ones that they cherry-picked are very sensitive and dangerous.”

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