Fournier: Hillary Clinton Engaged in ‘Serial Disingenuous Behavior’

Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” National Journal senior political columnist Ron Fournier said so many of Hillary Clinton’s statements about her email have turned out to not be true, thus he declared it to be “serial disingenuous behavior.”

Discussing the two Inspector general who have asked the Department of Justice to look into the fact that classified document were found on Hillary Clinton’s email server, Fournier said, “This is after she said there were no classified documents. This is after she said that she hasn’t violated any rules. This is after she said she is too transparent in all of. This and after she said she only did all of this out of a matter of convenience. None of those statements are true. So we have some serial disingenuous behavior of the Clinton campaign and they are trying to deflect by making this a story about “The New York Times”. I think there is a big story and big questions that have have to be asked. What she is hiding in the e-mails why he is not being transparent. Why she is not following the rules.”

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