Poll: Americans Oppose Obama’s Iran Deal 2-to-1

AFP PHOTO / The White House / Pete Souza
AFP PHOTO / The White House / Pete Souza

The tide hasn’t turned on President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran’s mullahs, the tide has flipped. By a whopping 57% to 28%, the American people oppose the deal. Just a few months ago, by the same 2 to 1 margin, Americans were in favor of striking some kind of deal with Iran.

Obviously no one expected Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to give away the store, all of its contents, their first born and their souls.

It looks as though once the American people learned that Iran is under no obligation to end its proxy terrorist wars against our troops and allies (and will received billions of dollar to increase those wars) and has 24 full days to hide whatever they need to hide prior to an IAEA inspection, it did not take long for a backlash to brew against a deal so wrongheaded a slim margin of only 52% of Democrats approve of it (32% oppose).

Opposition to Obama’s nuclear Iran deal is obviously based on the fear that the deal will not make the world safer. Only 30% believe it would, while 58% believe the deal would make the world less safe. Democrats believe the deal would make us safer by a 54% to 32% margin. Only 4% of Republicans agree.

By a wide margin of 56% to 35%, Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of Iran. The president’s marks on overall foreign policy are not much better, with only 39% approving, while 55% oppose. The numbers for Independent voters are overwhelmingly against.

On the issue of his handling of the economy, Obama is upside down 44% to 53%. This almost exactly matches Obama’s overall job approval number, which is upside down 43% to 52%.

When asked if they trust Obama or Republicans more to make decisions for the country, Americans chose the GOP over the president by 45% to 43%.


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