White House Confirms: Obama Will Be Spending Most of His Vacation Golfing

AP photo

In advance of President Obama’s vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, White House press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed that the president would be spending most of his time actually vacationing instead of working.

“I think that most of the president’s time on Martha’s Vineyard will be spent with his family or on the golf course or a little bit of both,” Earnest said, when asked if he would spend any of his vacation making calls to Democrats to rally support for the Iran nuclear deal.

Earnest suggested that President Obama deserved his long vacation, citing his “demanding schedule.”

“I think it is true that those of you who have been closely following the president would note that his schedule has been especially demanding in the last several weeks,” Earnest said. “I think he would also be quick to tell you that the last several weeks have been especially rewarding for him.”

Earnest cited Obama’s “historic trip to Africa” as an example of Obama’s busy schedule, as well as the passage of Trade Authority Promotion, reaching the conclusion of the Iranian nuclear deal, the Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare, and the decision to recognize gay marriage.

Earnest admitted that Obama might make a few calls surrounding the details of the Iran deal, but that most members of Congress were also on vacation.

When asked if Schumer’s decision to vote against the deal was a problem for the White House, Earnest said that it was “disappointing” but not “surprising.”

He also left open the possibility that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama would cross paths while on vacation, admitting it was a “small island.”

“I wouldn’t rule out that they might cross paths,” he admitted, promising curious reporters that he would let them know if it happened.