Peggy Noonan: Trump Revealed a ‘Deeper Coarseness and Brutality’

Monday on “CBS This Morning,” columnist for The Wall Street Journal” and author Peggy Noonan discussed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s debate performance and comments about Megyn Kelly bleeding and warned Trump has “done himself real damage.”

Noonan said, “When he broke through in the past few months, it was because he was talking about big issues, immigration, getting America back on track, looking at policy proposals. In the past three to four days he’s devolved into this guy that is just insulting everybody and  putting down women who are like 52 or 53 percent of the voting electorate in a presidential year.”

She continued, “I do suspect he’s done himself real damage by revealing a deeper coarseness and almost brutality that a lot of people would have lot thought was there.”

“When you talk about women in the the way he does and also that Megyn Kelly question where she quoted him at length, it startled even me and I’m a New Yorker and watching it and seeing Donald Trump for a quarter century. So I was startled if I was startled probably a number of people were startled,” she added,”by the nature of his insults.”

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