‘Special Report’ Panel: If Elizabeth Warren Declared Tomorrow, She’d Be 20 Points Ahead in 2 Weeks

During the online segment of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” on Wednesday, host Bret Baier asked his panel made up of Washington Post columnists George Will and Charles Krauthammer and National Journal’s Ron Fournier how the dynamic of the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination would change if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) enter the race.

Krauthammer expressed his skepticism of the Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) chances, especially as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has faltered. That led Baier to inquire about the possibility of Warren’s entrance in the race, where consensus seemed to be that if she entered tomorrow, she would have a commanding lead in two short weeks.

[Relevant portion at 13:45 in]

Partial transcript as follows:

BAIER: Is it possible that some moderate challenge to Clinton, whether it is Jim Webb or someone else?

FOURNIER: It’s hard to see how a moderate wins.

WILL: The energy — go where the energy is. That’s where –

KRAUTHAMMER: If Elizabeth Warren declared tomorrow, where do you think she would be in the polls?

WILL: Twenty points ahead in two weeks.

BAIER: Ahead of Bernie Sanders?

KRAUTHAMMER: No, ahead of Hillary.


KRAUTHAMMER: Twenty points ahead of both.

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