Chicago Tribune: Hillary Clinton Has Democrats in a Panic

Hillary Rodham Clinton
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune says Hillary Clinton’s failure to handle her own scandals with any transparency is the only reasons Democrats are considering 2016 candidates like Joe Biden or Al Gore.

From the Chicago Tribune:

America isn’t yearning for Al Gore, the $200 million man, to run for president and save us from those 1 percenters and their obnoxious carbon footprints.

The same holds true for Crazy Uncle Joe Biden. The vice president has as much bad video in his past as Donald Trump, only his are worse, since Biden’s come in strange accents.

But they’ve been floated out there, listing like balloons in our presidential parade, because the Democrats are in a panic. And you know why:

Hillary Clinton is in the early stages of political sepsis.

Madam Inevitable cut herself with some bad emails. And rather than wash the wound thoroughly with soap that stings, maybe apply a tincture of iodine, she went into deep denial and jammed those fingers in her pockets.

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