Second Republican Consultant Rips Conservative Base as Stupid


We now have a second top Republican consultant who appears to believe that trashing voters is the way to win elections. Cheri Jacobus, a consultant and cable television pundit, ripped into yours truly on Twitter over my criticism of  Gollum-In-Glasses Rick Wilson (which is fine — I enjoy infighting). What is not okay is Jacobus recklessly hurling demeaning insults at voters.

Jacobus says she has been fighting for the GOP for three decades. Over these same decades, in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections, these genius consultants have consulted us to losses in the popular vote.

This might help to explain why:

Attacking Donald Trump is fair game.

Attacking Breitbart News is fair game.

Attacking me is fair game.

What, though, is the possible strategy behind attacking and marginalizing the very voters we need to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016?

If someone could give me just one example of where any election was won through a strategy of insulting the voters, maybe this madness would make sense.

There is no example.

Insulting voters does not drive people to vote for you. Insulting voters does not convince voters to come over to your side. If anything, insulting voters convinces voters to vote for the other side.

Between Wilson and Jacobus, I’m starting to get the sense that if the Republican base doesn’t fall into line and vote for Jeb that rather than lose control of the Party, the Establishment will burn us all down — run to the mainstream media to sabotage us, which is something we saw a number of these mercenaries do to Sarah Palin, even during the 2008 election.

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