Gamechanger: Trump Closer Than Jeb to Clinton In CNN Poll


A CNN poll taken days before Hillary Clinton’s public meltdown during a Tuesday press conference about her handling of classified data, shows that Donald Trump is within just 6 points of Clinton, 51% – 45%. This is a remarkable +10 point gain for the billionaire businessman, who was down -16 points in July.

In contrast, Republican Establishment favorite Jeb is doing worse against Clinton than Trump. Jeb is down a full -9 points, 52% – 43%. Despite the ongoing problems surrounding her irresponsible handling of national security secrets, unlike Trump, the former-Florida Governor has actually lost ground against Hillary since July when he was just -5 points down, 51% – 46%.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has also made gains against Hillary, and like Trump is down only -6 points, 52% – 46%.

In July Walker was down -9 points, 53% to 44%.

This is the second national poll this week showing Trump within striking distance of Clinton. A Fox News poll released Monday showed Trump down by only -5 points, 47% to 42%.

The news was better for Jeb in that poll. He actually beat Hillary by +2, 44% to 42%. Rubio also beat Clinton by +2, 46% – 44%.

Two major national polls showing Trump gaining on Clinton and close enough to win could shake up the Republican primary race even more than it already is.

As Trump rose to frontrunner status in the field, the hue and cry from the Republican Establishment and their media allies was that he couldn’t win in the general election. If Republican primary voters begin to believe Trump can beat Hillary, or at least has as good of a chance as any other Republican of beating her, who knows how many more primary voters could jump to his camp.

The Republican Establishment has just lost a major talking point against Trump. That much is certain. Moreover, both the media and the GOP Establishment have once again proven just how horribly out of touch they are with American voters. All along they have been firm in their belief that Trump couldn’t happen, and all along the voters have proven them wrong.

Regardless of how this all ends, Trump’s candidacy has exposed the Bubble-Dumb Elite for all time.


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