Jeb Bush: Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Jokes Were ‘Completely Inappropriate’

AP/Elise Amendola/John Raoux
AP/Elise Amendola/John Raoux

Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) had some harsh words of criticism in response to Hillary Clinton’s joking and continued stonewalling on Tuesday about the ongoing investigations into the personal email server she used for State Department communications while she was Secretary of State.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Clinton had claimed ignorance about how a computer server could be wiped clean, joking, “What, like, with a cloth or something?” Last week, she had quipped that she loved the smartphone app Snapchat because “those messages disappear.”

In a CBS News interview Wednesday, after participating in an education summit in Manchester, New Hampshire, Bush noted that Clinton’s use of a personal email server was against the rules of the Obama administration and “maybe against the law” as well, and he was troubled by her lack of seriousness.

“There’s a criminal investigation, the FBI’s taken her server — she shouldn’t be joking about this, she should come clean,” Bush admonished.

He condemned Clinton’s trustworthiness, an issue that opinion polls have shown to be a weak spot for her with voters. “You have a situation where she’s not been truthful, she’s not opened up and said exactly what the situation was,” said Bush.

Bush also expressed worries about the national security risks, saying that it was probable that Russia and China had accessed the “classified information flowing through that server” because of what Clinton did.

“It’s probable that the Chinese and Russians have that information, and the United States Congress can’t get it,” he said. “This is a serious problem and she should come clean.”

“She should just provide the information, come clean with the American people, and deal with it,” Bush said. “But instead it’s always a joke, or a vast right wing conspiracy, or someone else’s fault.”

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