White House: Joe Biden Would Make Competent President

Obama and Biden leave the Rose Garden

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest signaled that Joe Biden was a suitable candidate for president, as the Vice President currently weighs a potential run for president.

Earnest reminded reporters during the White House Press Briefing of Obama’s characterization of his decision to run with Biden on his presidential ticket as the best political decision of his presidency. “I think that should give you some sense of the president’s view of Vice President Biden’s aptitude for the top job,” Earnest said.

When reporters asked if Obama considered his selection of Biden to be better than the one to make Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, Earnest did not disagree, but pointed out that Obama also had “warm” things to say about Hillary Clinton.

In 2013, Obama also referred to Biden as “one of the best vice presidents in our history.”

Earnest also reminded reporters Biden had already run for president twice before he joined Obama’s ticket, pointing out that he was well qualified to make the decision.

“I think that you could make the case that there is probably no one in American politics today who has a better understanding of what exactly is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign,” he said.

Biden and Obama ate lunch together this afternoon, but no details of the meeting were released to reporters.

Earnest cited his own experience on the campaign trail with President Obama in August of 2008 and an understanding of how quickly things could change in the presidential field and warned them from drawing conclusions so quickly.

“It’s rather early in the process and certainly if you want to consider President Obama’s presidential campaign, there are dangers associated with assuming the outcome of the race 15 months in advance,” Earnest concluded.

Earnest wouldn’t rule out a potential endorsement from President Obama in the Democratic primary, but declined to speculate who he would support.

Biden is expected to make a decision about running against Hillary at the end of the summer.


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