EXCLUSIVE – Girl on Fire: Carly Fiorina Ranks in Top 10 across 12 State Polls

Rex Features/AP
Rex Features/AP

Since her stand out debate performance at the first GOP presidential primary debate, Carly Fiorina has reached the top ten in three national polls and her name identification and favorability has increased by double digits.

But what is more impressive is that Fiorina is in the top seven out of the 17 GOP presidential candidates across 12 different state polls.

Since the first debate, state polling suggests that Fiorina has become a standout favorite. Here’s where she ranks in the latest state-by-state polls.

New Hampshire: 3rd

South Carolina: 4th

Wisconsin: 5th

Florida: 5th

Ohio: 6th

Pennsylvania: 4th

Nevada: 2nd

North Carolina: 6th

Arizona: 3rd

Iowa: 5th

Michigan: 2nd

Missouri: 7th

Fiorina’s campaign, although proud of the new poll results and her debate performance, says the political establishment as well as the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) debate rules for the upcoming CNN debate in mid-September could keep Fiorina off of the main debate state yet again.

CNN is averaging national polls from as far back as July 16th to decide which candidates make the top 10. Those top 10 will then be on the main debate stage.

“Carly would easily make this debate if there were a consistent number of polls from one week to the next, but that’s not the case. In the three weeks before the first debate, CNN will be counting nine polls. In the three weeks since the debate, they will only be counting two. By simply averaging these polls together, CNN will be weighting the three weeks of polling before the debate more than three times as heavily as the three weeks of polling after Carly won the first debate,” her campaign spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores explained in an email Wednesday.

Flores exclusively told Breitbart News, “Carly’s message as an outsider who isn’t afraid to take on the status quo establishment is clearly resonating in every state. It’s exciting. At the same time, I think voters are going to be disappointed to hear that the RNC isn’t going to stand up to CNN and make sure their voices are heard.”

“If the RNC won’t tell CNN to treat post-debate polling consistently with pre-debate polling, they are putting their thumb on the scale and choosing to favor candidates with higher polling for three weeks in July over candidates with measurable momentum in August and September,” Flores’ email read.

We’re proud of Carly’s debate performance. We’re excited that grassroots voters around the country want to hear more from her. It will be interesting to see if CNN has no qualms excluding someone who is polling in the top 5 in Iowa and New Hampshire, in second place in multiple states, and well within the top 10 nationally. And it will be disappointing if Reince Priebus and the Republican establishment stand by and let a TV network keep Carly off the main stage…again,” Flores challenged in the email. “It’s a simple question: Will we have a fair debate process or will the political establishment keep ignoring grassroots Republicans?


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