Piers Morgan Shares Photo of Virginia Reporter Being Shot with ‘4.5 Million’ People


In a move that has angered some of his supporters, former CNN show host Piers Morgan tweeted the photo of WDBJ-TV reporter Allison Parker being shot to “4.5 million” people.

Disregarding criticism for the move, Morgan instead urged Americans to pass the photo around as well and “effect change.”

According to The Independent, “A number of outlets, including The Independent, chose not to publish the footage of the shooting or photos showing Ms Parker in distress or being shot at.” But Morgan said, “No, America, don’t shirk from posting this image. It sums up your appalling, senseless gun culture. DO something. Yes, this is a young woman reporter being executed as she does her job. In modern America. Retweet it, effect change.”

When a number of Morgan’s Twitter followers criticized the move, saying it was disrespectful to Parker’s family, Morgan doubled down: “So we’re all agreed? Publishing photo of a woman being shot dead live on TV is MUCH WORSE than her being shot dead on live TV? Bulls**t.”

Did Morgan tweet photos of the distraught faces or the lifeless bodies strewn about the Tunisian beach after jihadists opened fire and killed 37 on June 26?

Did he tweet photos of the Charlie Hebdo personnel who were shot and killed by jihadists in Paris on January 7?

Did he zoom in and tweet a photo of the police officer begging for his life on the sidewalk outside the Paris’ offices just before the jihadist shot him?

No. But on January 10–just three days after the Paris attacks–he responded to Americans who argued for shooting terrorists by saying the number of people killed with guns at Charlie Hebdo paled in comparison to the number killed in the U.S. in a given week.

Ironicallly, it was this very fixation pushing gun control in America that drove Morgan’s CNN audience to abysmal levels, leading to the cancellation of the program. In a moment of clarity during the cancellation, Morgan admitted that he had run the topic into the ground. The New York Times reported Morgan saying, “Look, I’m a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it.” 

Many are still tired of hearing him “banging on about it,” but that does not appear to matter.

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