Trump On Taxes: ‘I Believe We’ll End Up With a Tax Reduction,’ But ‘Hedge Fund Guys’ Aren’t Paying ‘Fair Share’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that he would release his tax plan over the next month and “I believe we’ll end up with a tax reduction.” Trump also said that while he wants to lower taxes, some people, like “hedge fund guys” are “not doing their fair share” at a press conference in Norwood, MA on Friday.

Trump was asked to explain his tax plan, who he was going to raise taxes on, and whether he was “rejecting trickle-down economics.”

He answered, “So, we will be announcing a tax plan over the next four weeks, probably some time during the month of September. Who knows taxes more than me? I know the taxes very well. I would say that probably before the end of September we’ll have a very comprehensive plan, and one of the things will be simplification. And I believe we’ll end up with a tax reduction, which to me is very important. You know, the United States, we pay the highest taxes in the world. We are going to be asking for a reduction. So, I think overall it will be very — people are going to be very happy.”

Later in the press conference, he was asked if repairing infrastructure would require tax increases. Trump stated, “No, I don’t think you have to raise taxes at all. There’s so much fat in Washington, that if somebody got in that knew what they were doing, you don’t have to raise taxes, we want to lower taxes.”

Trump was then questioned on whether he would sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. He responded, “Well, I may change them around. I know hedge fund guys that pay almost nothing, and they make a fortune. I want to see lower taxes, and I’m going to make a determination. But, on some people, they’re not doing their fair share. These hedge fund guys, I hate to say, many are friends of mine, and most of them support Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, just so you understand. They’re not supporting me because I told them, ‘I don’t want your money.’ But the hedge fund guys have to pay up.”

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