Brooks: Sanders Is Where ‘The Economic Heart and Soul’ Of the Democratic Party Is

New York Times columnist David Brooks argued Democratic presidential candidate and Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is where “the economic heart and soul of the party” is for Democrats on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

Brooks said of Sanders, “I thought he was not plausible at all. And the thought was sometimes parties elect or nominate a candidate who is unelectable, but not that unelectable. And I still think he’s sort of unelectable. The country is just not as far left as he is. But I must say, the evidence is growing that his support is growing. I don’t know if it’s widening, though, and whether it’s widening out of the white university towns. And if he can do that, then you begin to think, well, maybe, maybe. But until he can do that, I still think it’s extremely unlikely that h’ll be the nominee. But he will continue. He’s where the heart and — the economic heart and soul of the party is right now, and especially among progressives in university towns, or places like Seattle. He’s right what they need. And he’s got the outsider thing, which is so big this year.”

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