CARLY for America: RNC Stands with ‘Clinton News Network’ – Not Conservatives

Carly Fiorina
AP Photo

CARLY for America, an organization supporting GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, is calling on supporters to sign a petition to protest the Republican National Committee (RNC) and CNN over the debate criteria for the September debate. It charges the RNC is standing by CNN, the “Clinton News Network.”

Fiorina and her campaign spoke to numerous media outlets within the past several days about the current CNN debate rules and how the way CNN is calculating the top 10 candidates is grossly unfair to Fiorina, as it could keep her off the main stage yet again even after her standout performance in the first GOP primary debate in early August.

CNN is calculating national polls that go all the way back through July – when Fiorina was not in the top 10. However, after the August debate, Fiorina broke away and has remained in the top ten in the national polls held. For example, is in seventh place in a CNN poll.

Fiorina’s campaign argues that because there are many more polls being used prior to the August debate, rather than afterward, it could very well keep her off the main debate stage.

“The mainstream media is doing everything they can to keep Carly out of the debate because they know Carly is Hillary’s fiercest and most effective critic. And the RNC’s support of CNN makes it clear the political establishment in DC wants to keep Carly out of the prime time debate because she isn’t afraid to challenge the failures of the professional political class,” CARLY for America writes in an email to supporters. “Rather than standing with the conservative grassroots that are supporting Carly the RNC is standing with the Clinton News Network.”

“DC insiders are doing everything they can to maintain the status quo in Washington, including silencing the voices of Carly’s supporters across the country. It is time to make our voice heard so Carly’s can be too. Join us in sending a message to CNN and the RNC. Sign the petition today calling for fair debate criteria,” the email concludes.


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