Hillary’s E-mail Secrets; Huckabee and Walker Reax

Presidential Candidates Stump At Iowa State Fair
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton’s use of her personal email network for classified government work proves that she thinks she’s above the law, and that she recklessly put Americans’ security at risk, say two of the GOP 2016 candidates.

“Hillary has unloaded a dump truck full of new emails and we now know at least one thing for certain: Hillary Clinton truly believes the law does not apply to her,” former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said in his Sept. 1 statement.

“Hillary was caught red-handed using a personal unsecured email server that was located in a Colorado bathroom… [and] she made up stories about only having one electronic device and only emailing yoga routines – all of which have been proven to be untrue,” he said.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker slammed Clinton for risking national security by transmitting secret and critical information via an her poorly protected email network. “It’s not about emails, it’s a scandal about national security,” he said on Fox News Tuesday morning.

“She put our national security at risk. Not just the country as a whole, she put your security at risk, she put my security at risk, she put my children’s security at risk, by having this information available under an unsecure server,” he said.

“It is likely the Chinese and Russian government know more about her email server than do the members of the United States Congress,” he said.

Huckabee said the American people deserve to know the full truth about Clinton’s behavior.  “Muddying the waters and blaming others is classic Clinton – but this ain’t the 90’s. Hillary is hallucinating if she thinks the American people don’t deserve answers and she’s flat out wrong if she thinks we’re not going to get them,” he said.


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