Gun Rights for Americans and Amnesty for Illegal immigrants Are Mutually Exclusive


In the same September 1 speech in which Jeb Bush defended gun rights for Americans, he told students at a Miami school that he supports legalizing immigrants who are in our country illegally—i.e., amnesty. In so doing, it never occurred to him that gun rights for Americans and amnesty for illegal immigrants are mutually exclusive.

This is because Hispanics support gun control to an even higher degree than whites oppose it—to an even higher degree than the percentage of strictly Republicans who oppose it.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Bush told students at La Progressiva Presbyterian School that “the federal government shouldn’t be involved in gun laws because” the country varies from region to region. Therefore, state governments are better suited to understand the degree to which guns are part of their residents’ culture.

In the same speech, WSVN reports that Bush responded to a question on immigration by saying, “I believe there oughta be a path to legal status where people come out from the shadows, they pay a fine.” Completely lost on Bush is the fact that this kind of amnesty not only changes the legal status of people who broke the law to get here but also grants those persons the right to cast votes deciding the future of our country via the selection of Senators, House members, and even presidents.

Moreover, it changes the very local culture that Bush said should govern the passage of gun laws on a state-by-state basis.

The impact of this is best grasped by understanding that the amnesty and quasi-amnesty plans pushed by Jeb and others would legalize tens of millions of illegal immigrants, rather than the 11 million illegal immigrants mainstream media outlets have been saying were here since George W. Bush and John McCain pushed amnesty 10 years ago. Ann Coulter thoroughly demonstrated that the real number of illegal aliens in America is 30 million-plus in her latest book, Adios, America.

So, when Jeb Bush stands up for gun rights for Americans and subsequently stands up for a “path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants, he is actually putting gun rights up for grabs.

A recent Pew Research Center on gun control shows that 47 percent of Americans believe gun rights are more important than gun control, while 50 percent of Americans believe just the opposite, and another three percent say they just don’t know. While it is good that nearly half of all Americans value gun rights over gun control, this is a position that won’t last long if America is suddenly flooded with voters from Mexico, and here’s why. The Pew poll shows that 57 percent of white Americans want the focus on gun rights, versus 40 percent who want the focus on gun control and that 71 percent of Republicans want the focus on gun rights while only 26 want the focus on gun control.

Now, notice the shift when it comes to Hispanics, who will overwhelmingly vote with Democrats: Only 24 percent of Hispanics believe gun rights are more important, while 75 percent believe more gun control is needed. It is a complete inversion of the stance currently winning the day.

Add tens of millions of Hispanic votes to a Democratic Party in which 73 percent already want more gun control while only 25 percent want gun rights, and it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that gun rights are in trouble if Jeb Bush and others get their way on amnesty.

The bottom line: Gun rights and amnesty for illegal immigrants are mutually exclusive.

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