Chris Christie: All Republican President Candidates Should Speak English


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he thinks all Republican presidential candidates should speak English on the campaign trail.

During an interview with Fox News this morning, Christie responded to the fight between billionaire candidate Donald Trump and former Florida Governor George Bush – after Bush used Spanish on the campaign trail to criticize Trump.

When asked by the Fox News host if he thought that presidential candidates should speak English on the campaign trail at all times, Christie replied, “I think, first off, all of us should speak English. Since – I think it’ll help a lot in getting elected.”

Christie added that every candidate had their own opinion on the issue, but that he would be speaking English, because he didn’t know any other languages fluently.

“I’ll be speaking English, because I don’t speak another language. So, this is the one I’ve got. I’ll be using this one,” he said. “Anybody else who wants to do anything else, as far as I’m concerned it’s up to them to decide what they want to do.”


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