Jindal Says Trump ‘Non-Serious Carnival Act’

Bobby Jindal

GOP presidential candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal lashed out at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump today, calling him “full of nonsense,” “absurd” and a “non-serious carnival act” during a D.C. speech.

Jindal is looking to escape the back of the GOP pack.

According to his prepared remarks, which were released prior to the speech at the National Press Club, Jindal initially said that he likes the idea of Trump and what he stands for as a D.C. outsider.

“I like The Idea of Donald Trump. I like the idea of a DC outsider. I like that he doesn’t care about political correctness. I like the fact that he says things people are thinking but are afraid to say,” according to Jindal’s draft.

That’s when Jindal pulled out his verbal knife.

But, here’s the problem. Donald Trump is also full of nonsense. Don’t get me wrong — His act is tremendous.  It’s a sellout show, and I’ve enjoyed it. I laughed out loud when he read Lindsey Graham’s cell number on live TV. I got a kick out of him giving kids helicopter rides at the Iowa state fair. And I was amused when he said the people at Jeb’s townhall were sleeping.

It is now time for us to do what Donald would do, and say the thing that everyone is thinking, but is afraid to say out loud.  So I’m going to do it. The Donald Trump Act is great, and the idea of Donald Trump is great  — BUT the reality of Donald Trump is absurd, he’s a non-serious carnival act.

 Jindal went on to say Trump is shallow and doesn’t understand policy, so it is difficult to “argue policy with this guy.”

“According to him his health care plan will be ‘fabulous’ and his tax plan will be ‘really, really terrific.’ He’s shallow, no substance,” Jindal stated.

Calling Trump a narcissist, Jindal said Trump is for Trump and doesn’t believe in limited government.

He said the Democrats have practically “gift wrapped” the election for Republicans, but added, “Nominating Donald Trump is a certain way for us to miss our opportunity to make America Great Again” – playing off of Trump’s campaign slogan.

Jindal added:

It’s time to get serious about making America Great Again, so it’s time for Donald Trump to take the ride down his own elevator – It’s time to tell Donald Trump – no, we will not put an egomaniacal unserious person in the White House — “you’re fired”.

We have to put a committed conservative in the White House who will make our country great again and will ignore the professional political class in Washington.

Donald Trump’s campaign is not about making America Great Again, it is about making Donald Trump Great.

Obviously I think I am the right man for the job, but the voters will make that decision.  America is ready for a politically incorrect conservative revolution.

In the most recent Real Clear Politics average, Trump is in first place among GOP presidential candidates with 29.8 percent. Jindal is registering o.3 percent, less than one percent.


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