Mom Who Abandoned Family for Occupy Wall Street Loses Suit


It took a New York jury only 40 minutes to reject claims of police brutality by a Florida woman who gained fame during the 2011 Occupy Wall Street demonstrations when she abandoned her husband and four children to take up with the occupation of Zuccotti Park.

In Manhattan Federal court Thursday, jurors ruled against Stacey Hessler, the 42-year old mom who made headlines as “Occu-Mom” when she dumped her family in favor of the leftist radical group. Hessler eventully divorced husband Curtiss, recieving over $85,000 in their divorce settlement in 2013.

Hessler did not fare as well in her fight against New York City, which she claimed had abused her. The facts of the case, however, showed that Hessler was blocking pedestrians and then refused to follow police orders to move. Hessler then ran from police to avoid arrest.

New York City attorney Andrew Luas said in a statement, “Officers were faced with balancing the rights of protesters with the rights of people who live and work in the neighborhood.”

The Occupy Wall Street movement set the stage for the current antagonistic attitudes towards law enforcement that have been advanced and perfected by the Black Lives Matter movement. As Breitbart News has reported, Occupy Wall Street activism trainer Lisa Fithian was part of teaching protesters how to effectively battle police during the Ferguson demonstrations.


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