Armed Citizen Volunteers Aiding Arizona DPS In Search For Phoenix Freeway Shooting Suspects


Along the area of I-10 where the freeway shootings in Phoenix have occurred a group of armed civilian volunteers are positioning to themselves to watch overpasses, alleys, roof tops, and other possible places where a person or persons could position themselves to shoot at cars.

Founded by a man who goes by “Bolt” to keep his identity concealed, the group is called “Bolt Force” and they are putting themselves in harm’s way to help the Arizona Department of  Public Safety find whoever might be behind the shootings.

According to CNN, members of the group are “armed with guns, knives, mace and other weapons” and dressed entirely in black as they move in and around the I-10 area looking for shooting suspects. AZ Central reports that the group consists of “of former police, military and security personnel.” Bolt himself “is a former Marine, reserve police officer, firefighter and bounty hunter.”

Regarding the 11 shootings that have taken place since August 29, Bolt said, “If they’re trying to kill somebody, they’re a horrible shot. If they’re trying to scare people, they’re doing a good job.”

He said he and his group do not pretend to be law enforcement. Rather, they are there to help law enforcement do its job–and that seems to be the very role AZ DPS is comfortable with Bolt Force fulfilling.

An AZ DPS spokesman said “the department welcomes Bolt Force’s eyes and ears but would prefer that the group let DPS handle the investigation.”

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