CNN Panel Laughs at Hillary After Clips Show She Claims To Be Progressive and Moderate

After showing a recent clip of a Hillary Clinton speech with Clinton saying, “I get accused of being moderate and centered. I plead guilty,” the panel on CNN’s “State of the Union with Jake Tapper” Sunday could not hold back their laughs at the hypocrisy shown by the Democratic presidential hopeful, who claimed to be progressive in July and now claims to be moderate.

“I think the problem is she comes across as so cold. The contrast with Biden is you have a guy showing raw emotion and opening up his heart and sorrow,” reacted CNN’s Ana Navarro. “On the other hand you have a Hillary Clinton making a really forced attempt at learning how to ‘nae-nae.’ It is not a good contrast. They seem not to understand that authenticity and spontaneity can’t be planned.”

CNN’s Van Jones responded to Clinton’s comments, saying, “What I like about her is she says, ‘I’m a moderate.’ If she is a moderate, be a moderate. Tell Bernie Sanders where he is wrong. Stick up for what she believes in and that will work better for her. She needs to become who she truly is.”

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