Sweden Offers Extra Trains and Free Tickets To Attract More Muslim Migrants

The Associated Press

Sweden’s government leaders are running extra trains and handing out free tickets to get more poorly-educated Syrian men into the country and onto the nation’s expanding welfare-rolls.

“We will not force any refugees to get off a train,” said an email to employees at the government-run train company. “If in doubt, let them stay on… In the current circumstances, where many people are in difficulties, it is better if we show our humanitarian side,” said the email, which was sent by communications director Monica Berglund.

The railway service has even added trains to carry the foreign migrants from the Baltic port city of Malmo to the capital city, Stockholm.

The migrants can get to Sweden’s open borders from German ports. The migrants, mostly men, can travel freely because Chancellor Angela Merkel says today’s German people need to expiate the World War II sins of the Nazi-era Germans who survived Allied carpet-bombing, Red Army rapes and the bloodletting on the Eastern Front, France and Italy.

The far-left Swedish government is so anti-Swedish and so pro-immigrant that it is automatically grants asylum to Syrian migrants, and then allows them to request reunification with their families after just one year. Some Swedish cities and towns, such as Malmo, now have populations that are almost half-immigrant.

This year, the government is expected to take in another 80,000 migrants from the Middle East, many of whom are arriving to join relatives and friends who are being housed and supported by the Swedish taxpayers. Many of the new 2015 migrants are single youths and men, who are expected to bring additional family members — usually at Swedish taxpayers’ expense — over the next few years. For example, one Syrian migrant from Egypt, Hashem, reached Sweden and now plans to bring over his one wife and their three boys, Osama, Mohamed and Milad, according to a sympathetic article in the Guardian newspaper.

One-sixth of the country’s population of 9.8 million now consist of migrants, mostly from the Middle East and Africa. In 2011, almost one-fifth of teenage students were either born abroad, or had two immigrant parents.

The crush of migrants is so great that even immigrants are complaining.

The main school in the city of Södertälje has only one Swede alongside roughly 500 migrants, said Afram Yakoub, an Arab who arrived in 1989. “There’s only one ethnically Swedish student… That’s a problem because integration is impossible. The immigrant children can’t integrate, can’t learn Swedish language and culture,” he told Sky News.

The expect 2015 influx of 80,000 is equal to 1 percent of the population. If they each bring in 3 family members over the next few years, the inflow will be equivalent to 12 million migrants getting into the United States, which normally accepts 1 million migrants per year.

Unsurprisingly, few Muslim Arabs can integrate into Sweden’s high-tech, open-minded culture. To integrate, they would have to give up many of the Muslim ideas that govern their families and communities, and they would also have to admit a lower status in a society where few Muslims can compete against educated, clever and socially mobile Swedes. In response, most Muslims withdraw into Islamic ghettos, and many rely on welfare.

“There has been a lack of integration among non-European refugees,” Tino Sanandaji. a Kurdish-Swedish economist, told the Canadian Globe and Mail newspaper. Only about half of working-age migrants hold formal jobs, and they earn only 40 percent as much as Swedes, he said.

Arab and African migrants — and their Sweden-born children — now comprise more than half of people convicted for rape, murder or robbery. The number of rapes in Sweden has grown 15-fold since the Swedish government began inviting migrants to the country in 1965. It is more than twice the rate of rapes recorded in the United States.

The migrants are also costing the taxpayers roughly $4 billion in annual spending.

Unsurprisingly, Sweden’s nationalist party, the Sweden Democrats, have doubled their popularity from 13 percent to 25 percent in the last year, according to an August poll by YouGov. That’s 2 points higher than the prime minister’s left-wing Social Democrat party. The nationalist party is pro-free market, but by American’s standards, is also left-of-center.


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