Kirsten Powers: Hillary Poll Plummet Caused By Her ‘Imperial Attitude’

On this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” left-leaning Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers said the calls for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race in light of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s falling poll numbers is a result of her “imperial attitude.”

[Relevant portion at the 6:53 time mark in the video]

Powers said, “The email issue was the turning point where people saw that she, first of all the campaign, and her ultimately did not handle that issue properly. She let it get out of control and do a lot of damage, And it seems to a certain extent she was not as up to the task as people were expecting. It’s a bit of a rerun of 2008, where she doesn’t seem to be able to respond to questions quickly. There is this sort of imperial attitude that she seems feels like she doesn’t haven’t to answer it. And people aren’t enthusiastic about, she would be the first woman president presumably and people should be really excited.”

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