Scott Walker Quits, Tells Other Candidates to ‘Clear Field’ For ‘Optimistic’ Message

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

GOP presidential candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential race for the 2016 GOP nomination on Monday evening and encouraged other presidential candidates to do the same in order to narrow the GOP field.
Walker, once the favorite in Iowa according to July polls, recently dropped to tenth place in the Real Clear Politics average.

During a press conference in Madison, Wisconsin, Walker delivered a short speech in which he announced that he is suspending his campaign. Walker referenced his respect for President Ronald Reagan “because he was an optimist,” adding that there are a “limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner.”

He said this presidential race and the previous GOP primary debate was “not focused on that optimistic view of America” and instead it has drifted into personal attacks.

Walker stated that Republican ideas will help make our country great again.

He decided to suspend his campaign in order to “clear the field in this race,” adding a positive conservative message and solutions need to rise to the top of the GOP field.

“I encourage other presidential candidates to do the same,” Walker said, stressing the need to limit the field in order to provide the voters an “alternative to the frontrunner,” a reference and a jab at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.


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