Carly Fiorina Fights Back Against ‘Bizarre’ Claim She Outsourced Campaign to India

AP Photos/Breitbart Composite
Washington, DC

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s spokesperson Sarah I. Flores sent out an email blasting GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s advisor for claiming Fiorina outsourced her campaign work to India, calling that claim bizarre.

In an email, Flores linked to a post on Twitter by Daniel Scavino, Jr., Trump’s presidential campaign advisor, that stated, “Carly Fiorina outsources campaign work to 3 companies outside ‪#USA (in India.) Mumbai Phone Works, East-West Synergy, & American Voices LTD.”

Earlier this week, a flyer was floating around Twitter and Facebook against Fiorina, titled, “Carly Fiorina Outsources Pres Campaign to India.”

Fiorina flyer


Flores also noted that Trump has been blasting Fiorina on Twitter for the past 36 hours.

“She gives him a “big, fat, beautiful headache.” She’s a “robot.” She is “terrible at business.” She got “softballs” at the debate,” Flores mocked.

“We get the point, Mr. Trump. You’re worried. You should be. You’ll be seeing a lot more of that face,” Flores concluded in the press email.


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