Gabby Giffords Uses Pope Francis’s Address for Gun Control Fundraising

The Associated Press
AP Photo/Scott Morgan

On September 24 the gun control group founded by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly used Pope Francis’s address to Congress as an opportunity to request a $3 donation from gun control supporters.

The gun control group–Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS)–quoted the Pope as saying, “We have to ask ourselves: Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict pain untold suffering on individuals and society?” David Levinthal then tweeted that Giffords’ gun control group added the following request: “Add your $3 contribution to Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC to help us continue our work of making our communities safer by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill.”

Giffords also sent out a personal tweet in which she intimated that passing gun control is part of “grace.”

Her exact tweet: “Inspired by [Pope Francis], let all Americans engage in a politics that sees the passage of just legislation that may bring us closer to grace.”

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