Media Falsely Reporting that Police Won’t Return Ahmed’s ‘Clock’

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The family and supporters of “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed continue to spread false narratives to garner sympathy and disparage authorities, this time acting as though Irving, Texas police are withholding the suspicious looking device that Mohamed brought to school from his family. Mohamed has seen a flood of support from everyone from President Obama to officials at Facebook to Google, who hailed the boy for the clock he claimed to have invented that turned out to be a 1980s device from Radio Shack that he had removed from its case.

The lead paragraph of a national story on suggests the attorneys are tasked with retrieving the clock. The picture:

The family of Ahmed Mohamed, the boy who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock into school that was mistaken for a bomb, has hired a lawyer to get the timepiece back and has decided to home school the teen and his siblings.

“The family has now hired two Dallas attorneys, Thomas Bowers and Reggie London, to pursue Ahmed’s legal rights and regain his science project from the Irving Police Department,” read a statement from representatives for the family released today.

However, as the Dallas Morning News reports in the last paragraph of the article about Mohamed retaining legal counsel, the family were told days ago they were free to pick up the clock at any point. The ABC story makes no mention of this, even though it was published hours after the Dallas Morning News Story, which says:

Irving police announced Wednesday that they had notified Ahmed’s family Friday that the clock could be picked up any weekday at police headquarters. Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, has told The Dallas Morning News that he planned to retrieve the item but wasn’t sure when.

The Dallas Morning News also fills in the details on Ahmed’s legal team:

Bowers previously represented a former stripper who sued Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. He’ll work on Ahmed’s case with Reggie London, whose Dallas firm typically deals with drunken-driving charges, traffic tickets and other criminal defense cases.

“I take the cases no one else will take,” Bowers said.


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